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Ready for Spring? We Have a Few Healthy Lifestyle Tips!

As we leave the long winter days behind and start to feel the excitement of Spring in the air, here are a few tips to get us back on track to eating right, sleeping right, and exercising right. With the change of seasons, Spring is often a time of renewal, growth and reset.

Spring invites us to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Days become longer, temperatures get warmer, flowers start to bloom, and it's a great time to reach new levels of wellness, happiness and balance. 

Here’s how:

  1. De-Stress Through Breathing Exercises: Although we might not realize it, many of us begin to improperly breathe, or shallow breathe, when we are slouched, driving, walking with a backpack, and even sleeping. As we shallow breathe, our heart rates can speed up in panic as we feel a “shortness of breath” that can be alarming. Working on your conscious breathing is a great way to keep your body calm and maintained through the tough winter months. There is the 4-7-8 rule that simply requires you to inhale through your nose for 4-seconds; hold your breath for 7-seconds; and exhale for 8-seconds. Repeat.
  2. Vitamin D: . Vitamin D not only helps our bodies absorb calcium while promoting bone growth, it also contributes to skin cell growth, happiness, and overall mental stability. Have your Dr. check your Vitamin D levels to see if you need a supplement since we often don't naturally absorb the levels we need for proper nutrition and immune support. 
  3. Exercise Your Brain: When we get stuck in monotonous routines, we begin to rely on the same portions of our brains every single day. The other portions can turn off and collect dust, which isn’t exactly great for our mental health or happiness. Try and actively challenge your brain when possible, by going to paint n’ sips, taking classes, reading books, and traveling.
  4. Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a completely natural and affordable method for absorbing and interacting with scents that do everything from reducing depression and anxiety, to reducing inflammation and improving immunity. Aromatherapy can be diffused at home, or brought with you throughout the day through aromatherapy jewelry.
  5. Fitness: Unfortunately, less than 3% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is common not to have any element of fitness in your daily regime. However, study after study has proven that fitness and exercise releases natural endorphins in our bodies, which directly impact our happiness levels and mood. Join that local gym you've been thinking about or find a great fitness tape or online class for at-home convenience, or simply enjoy a walk and connect with the outdoors to give yourself a boost.

As we approach another Spring season, enjoy our 5 tips to ensure you are happy and healthy, no matter what the temperature is outside.