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How Aromatherapy Combats the Effects of Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a very real part of the American way of life. It’s a natural byproduct from the busy schedules we keep, the jobs we work, and the pressures we put on ourselves to make ends meet. It’s so prevalent that in a recent study, 44% of respondents cited an increase in their stress levels in the last 5-years. Certainly, the rise of social media and technology isn’t helping, with mounting expectations and lack of genuine conversation occurring in our world.

However, it’s important to slow down and treat your stress and anxiety before it spirals out of control. One of the best ways to do that is to consider aromatherapy.

Known as the simple distillation of plant and organic matter that result in an all natural essential oil, there are dozens of aromatherapy options that have been proven to treat the effects of stress and anxiety naturally. We are going to look at how to introduce aromatherapy into your daily schedule, as well as which individual essential oils specifically target stress and anxiety alleviation.

How to Work Aromatherapy Into Your Stressful Schedule

You are a busy person, there’s no question about it. However, just setting aside or waking up 20-30 minutes earlier each day to practice some form of meditation or yoga while using your essential oils can make a difference. You can choose the method that is right for you, get in a comfortable position on the floor, turn down the lights, rest your hands, and focus on your breathing. Really work to ensure your body is totally relaxed, so you can clear your mind and feel present, forgetting about the stress ahead of you.

Essential Oils and Stress Relief 

Next, it’s time to pick the essential oils you love for combatting stress and anxiety. You have a lot of options:

  • Lavender: Research suggestions that lavender can improve mental concentration, reduce stress, calm agitation, and alleviate insomnia if absorbed before bedtime. You can even add a lavender tea to your regime in the morning or evening.

  • Ylang Ylang: Apply to the back of the neck for a calming, uplifting aroma and provide an energy boost that can improve your overall physical and mental state.

  • Cedarwood: This oil has been proven to relieve stress and tension, while also providing an overwhelming calming effect on the mind. As a natural sedative, this is a great one to use in a nighttime routine.

  • Lime: Research has shown that lime can uplift moods and reduce the effects of fatigue, grief, and a “heavy heart” in those looking to regain positivity and motivation in their lives.

You can either use an essential oil room diffuser for these oils, mix them with a carrier oil and rub 1-2 drops on your skin, or enjoy their all-day benefits when you wear our aromatherapy jewelry.

Are you ready to treat your anxiety with aromatherapy? It’s the most natural and organic way to stabilize your body without the dangerous prescription drugs available in our world today. Get after your stress, the natural way.